I just stumbled badly through a rare perfect moment.

My kids somehow conspired to grant me a peek at my life through their eyes (it involved dancing and chocolate and balloons and rain) Then they each faded lightly, allowing me a glimpse of their hearts each rising and falling softly, breath by breath...asleep in a warm house solid against wind and, I think, a little thunder.

And as the world might have it, I had this amazing opportunity to think these moments through, feel them all, with a drink on a porch fingering a nice cigar, feet bare in a welcome, drenching spring rain.

And even then, my mind wandered to other moments. Tensions building to all the things that might and should and could come next. A couple thoughts of what I might want this all to lead to when it all came down, when I figured it out, when I finally and responsibly grew the hell up...

And something caught me raw, the snag of a third-day razor, realizing I had just lost some of this moment in pursuit of...something not...here. Something else. This moment had faded into wonders of what other moments at other times in other places might somehow be like.

Unique shimmers of this moment melted into the gray of some lengthening shadows.

I am starting to think that my core issue is less that I am not doing enough and more that I am really just not good at recognizing those cameo moments when all I have done might be paid back in wonder and joy. I really need to fix that.

I need to unfold myself.


  1. You know there is nothing but love coming to you from an old friend, but a bit of what I hope is seen as constructive criticism here.

    I can tell this is leading to an insightful realization or discovery. However, there is a beauty to being able to follow something this short without confusion. You KNOW that between UCLA's philosophy department, English department, German and Latin departments; law school; and international studies abroad, I've dealt with complex. I had a bit of trouble following.

    It gets me to a wonderful place, but it's a zig-zag of imagery and thoughts clash rather than compliment (and I understand the clash is what brings up the discovery). However, I do GET it. I would just ask you to distill it a bit.

    Nothing but adoration, sandwiched between bits of snarkiness, from a summery San Francisco ;)

  2. the love is noted and appreciated. my ability to sustain a metaphor is...not strong. will work on that...promise. enjoy the summery flavors of the city by the bay...